So Jason Wood’s Got a Bobblehead….

Happy Jason Wood bobblehead day to all of you Albuquerque Isotopes fans.  The first 3,000 fans to today’s ‘Topes game will receive a Jason Wood bobblehead.  Woody starred for five years in New Mexico while playing in the Marlins organization, ranging from 2003-2006 and again in 2008.  So we figured it was only fitting that we checked in with some of Wood’s Pelicans players to get their thoughts on the giveaway.

“They got his nose,” said Pelicans first baseman Brett Nicholas chuckling.  “He’s got some pretty lips on here too.”

Woody’s bobblehead

“Woody, can I play right field?” Nicholas asked jokingly. The doll shook its head, with some prompting, no.Nicholas was, of course, speaking partially tongue in cheek.  He must have been confused though.  The doll was only a bobblehead, not a Magic 8 Ball.

“It’s pretty cool to have a bobblehead,” Pelicans reliever Ben Rowen said.  “It’s definitely on the bucket list.”

The honor makes Jason Wood the first of the current crop of Pelicans to have a bobblehead, not counting Splash Pelican.  The sheer fact of the doll’s existence did catch some people off guard.  Odubel Herrera stared at the Woody replica for several seconds before realizing who it was…breaking out into a brief hysterical fit when he made the connection.

“Woodrow’s got a bobblehead?,” said Jared Hoying.  “Wow!”

The players did compliment the doll itself too, noting how it looked pretty much like Woody.

Woody’s grip

“I like when the head’s rocking back and forth,” clubhouse manager Stan Hunter said.  “It looks like him the other night when he got tossed from the game [Wood was ejected against Lynchburg on Thursday].”

Wood’s grip of the ball did catch a few players off guard though.  An infielder, Woody has a unique position on his bobblehead.  Instead of hitting or standing still — you know the same old same old — Wood is playing defense, balanced on one foot as he prepares to throw to first.  Honestly, this is the first bobble I’ve seen that has that pose, making it pretty cool and different.

“He’s the only middle infielder that throws changeups across the infield,” pitching coach Brad Holman joked.

“I think he needs to find a four seem grip,” Josh Richmond said.  “He needs to find the seems a little better.”

And thus ends the roast of Jason Wood.  Congratulations to the Pelicans manager on his success as a player and his time with the ‘Topes.  Also, if you’re on the west coast, it’s not too late to head out to the park and grab a Woody bobblehead of your own.  In all seriousness, Woody seemed genuinely happy about the bobblehead.  He stared at it a good minute when he first took the thing out of the box.  It is after all, pretty cool to see yourself forever immortalized in clay.

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