Postcards from Surprise (The First)

Periodically throughout Spring Training we’ll check in with the Rangers over in Surprise, AZ.  It’s a segment we’ll call ‘Postcards from Surprise.’  In today’s edition we take a look at a links parade of happenings for some former and maybe future Pelicans over the last few days.

Lots of fodder about mega-prospect Jurickson Profar.  The 18-year-old shortstop enters the season as Baseball America’s No. 1 prospect in the organization.  One of the biggest questions about Profar is whether or not he remains at short with Elvis Andrus locked up for the foreseeable future.

FS Southwest: Profar Doesn’t Mind Switching Positions

Profar pops up on a USA Today top prospect list along with pitcher Cody Buckel, a fellow teen.

USA TODAY: Masterball’s Top Prospects

There’s also been a lot of talk about the $100 million man, Yu Darvish.  He threw in camp a few times over the last few days and faced several former and future Pelicans.  Profar and Ryan Strausborger faced Darvish and lived to tell the tale.  Scroll about halfway down through the article below for the details.

FW Star-Telegram: Yu Darvish Main Attraction as Rangers Work Out for First Time

Mike Olt was also one to face Darvish.  The former Pelicans third baseman was all compliments about the newest Ranger.  Future Pelican Jake Skole also hit off Darvish.

SportsdayDFW: Mike Olt on Yu Darvish

Mainichi Daily News: Darvish Throws 2nd BP

The Rangers have also set their pitchers for intersquad games coming up with several former and future Birds among the group.  Wilmer Font, Robbie Ross, Matt West, Miguel De Los Santos, and Roman Mendez are all expected to pitch.

FW Star Telegram: Foul Territory (scroll to bottom)

Pitcher Matt West hasn’t always been a pitcher.  The ’07 second round pick began his career at third base but could never hit his way out of Low-A.  Last season he ditched the bat for a ball and started throwing in the high 90’s.  Now he’s the 10th best prospect in the system by Baseball America and could be Myrtle Beach’s closer this year.

FW Star Telegram: Prospect Matt West on His Conversion to Pitching

ESPN Dallas: Matt West Impresses Scouts, Hitters

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