Beachbound & Down: Jake White’s Hollywood Tale

So I hear there’s a show on HBO that’s been filming in these parts.  It might be the worst kept secret in town, if you could even consider it a secret.  So Eastbound & Down filmed its third season in Myrtle Beach and even here at BB&T Coastal Field.  Needless to say, there’s a buzz around the office to see the show, which debuts Sunday night, and to see where the ballpark pops up.

For one member of our staff the show will be especially cool to watch.  Our Director of In-Game Entertainment, Jake White, was part of the production.  White was hired by HBO as a Scoreboard Consultant for the show’s process.

“[HBO] came out here and they looked at all the [scoreboard] animations we had for normal Pelicans games,” White said.  “They had me reproduce those for the Myrtle Beach Mermen.”

The Mermen are a fictional team that Kenny Powers plays for in the show’s third season.  Powers has returned to America after playing in the Mexican league during the show’s second season.

“Once they took a look at those graphics they came back with a couple other ideas for intro graphics for Kenny Powers and other players,” White said.  He then created those screens that, we hope, will be seen in the show.  Some of the graphics also included logos for Mermen opponents.  “It was kind of cool because I got to see that stuff before it was released and on air.”

But Jake didn’t just create scoreboard graphics.  He had to be around when the shooting took place.  And that’s when things really got fun.  After all, he got a front row ticket to watch one of HBO’s most popular products.

“During Mermen games, I got a copy of the script and the director would tell me every once and a while what graphic to put up during the scene,” White said.  “I felt kind of cool when they gave me a radio.  When I actually had a radio and I could hear them calling out shots and asking where different actors were and talking to hair and makeup.  A lot of people around the office will tell you it was kind of boring watching the shoot but when I had a radio and the director was calling me by name I thought that was pretty cool.”

One of the more amusing aspects of having a radio was the side chatter.  During lulls in shooting White would play music for the cast and crew.  Turns out the director is an AC/DC fan and would turn to a different radio channel to talk with White about what AC/DC songs where in the bank and which ones to play next.

So Sunday will be a pretty cool night in the White household.  He’ll even be able to watch the show live, having just ordered HBO for the occasion.

“It would be pretty cool to be in the credits,” said White.  “Maybe get my name on IMDB.”

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